I’ve come across a time in my life where multitasking is my poison. I apologize I have not been able to keep up with Storyline nor Beauty Beholden. My life is the same. I am focused on creating a business plan and I am in do or die mode about it. I haven’t forgotten you. I have some more to Storyline or I could just leave it. My visual side is focused on the physical things I need to do for my business, but I’m hoping, as I go through cleaning, I can find something else to share. Beauty comes in many forms and I’m glad to share my vision and views of it with you.

I have ideas in my head for both blogs here and my blog. It’s going to work out. I feel God is happy with what I am doing. I am definitely trying to take it slow and logical right now. As much as I want everything to work out right now, I am working hard to stay focused on things being in God’s timing not mine or anyone else’s. I have a vision for this city with my business and my mom and myself.  So, please bear with me while I am adjusting and refocusing and refocusing some more. I hope you all are well. I’ll be happy to catch up with you soon. I’m going to work on using the mobile apps more. This may result in even more English grammar mistakes than I already make. But, I just want to get things out. I’m not doing this for anyone specific, I just know I’m not the only one who may enjoy what I have to say. See you soon.



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