Happy Earth Day.

I have enjoyed the mythical since we crossed paths. It’s intriguing to imagine life in the days where gods and goddesses were worshipped by the masses. Even in present day I’ve come across such people. 

A few scriptures in the bible mention  gods  in  various context. Most of which were connected to idol worship. I believe, with expanded knowledge and idolization of certain individuals allows the universe to respond accordingly, i.e. karma, the id, chakras and such. I am a believer, or Christian as most say. I know God will only allow us to go so far being put before Him in our lives. The same for idolization. So, as you go about your day, maybe, pay attention to whom you consume yourself with. Day through night, honestly. 

I believe this world is building it’s own tower of Babel via scientific research. Whatever you believe, never give up seeking the truth. I want to encourage you to make God’s Truth and Will priority, because there are a lot of false worshippers and gods.


Happy Earth Day.

Norse goddess of Fate.

Urth Day Sapele Cribbage Board

Urth Day Sapele Cribbage Board

by My_Daily_Armour_by_S


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