“Do you think they are ready to leave?” Head Nurse spoke in a hushed voice. “Mom’s first set of stitches is healing well, but the second set is still healing. Do you think she’ll have problems?”

Doctor, looking at a family photo, nodded his head.

“Also, I’m afraid Baby’s first stitches are going to leave a scar.” Head Nurse continues. “Mom may have questions about that. The healing from the procedure is going well, though. I’m not sure about scarring, though. The new instrument makes healing faster, so that’s good.”

Doctor finally looked up from his desk. It was covered with notes and incomplete forms. Nothing regarding the procedure was to go into the system. Only the same relevant information that goes in for those not involved in the project. As long as the paperwork was filled out and filed correctly, The Company said they would handle everything else. So far everything was going well. It was about medical advancement, but still, Doctor felt uneasy. Focusing on family photos helps to remind him it’s about their future. But, what about the patients families? Head Nurses words didn’t help.

“Let them go,” Doctor eased out. “We did everything as directed, even with the issues. The Company doesn’t want us bringing notice to the issues by prolonging their stay. We have 2 more this month and need to prepare the forms. With the new equipment we’ve been able to move faster and more accurately. Because of that, The Company also directed me to transport the infants, with the mother, by vehicle, no matter what. We don’t need anymore losses or close calls due to transporting them.”

Head Nurse tried to smile as she turned to leave. “Okay.”



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