No Pun Intended

Head Nurse walked in, chart in hand, with an apprehensive grin.

Mom sat up in the bed. She’d been reading the Ebony magazines she’d brought for the stay. She dog-eared the pages with the gorgeous pictures she would use later. She is a good artist. It’s just a hobby, but, you never know. This is often the case with people having the capability to equally use and expand both the left and right hemispheres of their brains.

“Good morning, Mom. How are you feeling today?”

“Well, I’m glad, surprised, but glad I was able to cut down on the painkillers. I can actually do more than “pretend” to look at just pictures.” Mom laughed. ” I’ve been able to catch up on some of my reading. Having to work so much to make up for the time I am going to miss has been difficult. Just sleep, eat, work, repeat. Maybe that’s why she came early. She needed a break. No pun intended. ”

They both laughed as Head Nurse checked Mom’s vitals and straightened up her bed and room.

“One more day and you both will be on your way home. Baby will be strong enough and your stitches will have been removed. You both,’ Head Nurse stammers,” you, are healing so well.” I hope she doesn’t…

Both? “Yes, we’ll be great. Dad should be here in the afternoon. I’m guessing we’ll be ready by then. May I have some water and pudding. I’m hoping I missed the cravings, but I’m not really hungry yet, either. ”

“Sure. I’ll have housekeeping bring it right up. Just make sure you have a good dinner. She needs your strength, too.”



Note: Please let me know of any fitting criticisms you may have. I have a tendency to be inconsistent in format. Mainly, because I really don’t care. But, I just wanted to let you know any feedback is appreciated and will be considered. This is just a freestyle story. I have an idea in my head and my actual life I am building on. I’m glad you stopped by.  Please check out previous storyline posts if it’s your first visit. Click on the”Storyline” link in the menu above. If you are following me, thank you even more. I hope to not disappoint.


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