God Knows

Scared, they reviewed the X-Rays on the screen. Nothing so big they can’t fix it, but definitely something they need to correct. Baby wasn’t really too small as a premie, but she’s still baby sized. Nurse carefully manipulated the incision while Doctor guided the camera and implements. When he reached the site, Nurse clamped down the sides. Now the hard part.

The hard part? The hard part? Nope. Compared to what was to come, this was the easy part. Doctor had to fuse a small section of Baby’s spinal column. The vertebraeĀ  had almost completely split apart. It had to be fixed. Mom didn’t need to know and the hospital didn’t need another death, nor a new set of lawsuits. It’s enough stress they still had to complete the procedure. If this doesn’t go well… only God knows. God, the exact being they wanted to rely on at this moment. The same being they were trying to outwit with the procedure that was waiting to be done.

The hospital had been chosen. A private company promised to provide the hospital whatever it needed to keep the procedure private and in operation. It was to help eradicate disease and promote faster healing. The hospital would have legal and financial support and no one would ever be out of work. As a corporation full of scientists that believed in God. It’s not evil, right? We’re here to help, right?



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