One last kiss and hug before the doctors and nurses must take Baby away. “I’ll see you later, Love.”

Wrapped up tight in a pink blanket, Baby is swiftly transferred to a plexiglass bassinet. They are in the doctors office. Baby will need to be relocated to the hospital where she will stay a few days.

“Quickly now, we must hurry so we can start the procedure.” Words whispered from Doctor to Head Nurse as they briskly walked Baby across the street. They moved too quickly. Baby starts to fall as the bassinet loosens itself from the cart.

“Hurry, catch it!”

“We can’t lose another one. I’ve got it!”

Hearts beating loudly, Head Nurse holds Baby in her arms and hurries across the street. Doctor quickly, but carefully, guides the cart the rest of the way from behind.

“Come now! Baby was dropped, we have to check her for any damages.” Head Nurse has arrived to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Everyone moves about appearing as one beautifully functioning machine.

Baby is on the table now. Funny, Doctor realizes, Baby neither cried nor screamed when they dropped her.



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