Critical Critique

This is part 1 of a tutorial on how to create a cardboard doll house with working lights. I don’t really feel up to doing a critique at the moment, but that’s my fault for falling behind on my assignments.  I was looking into something else for me to do, don’t ask me why, and I thought about building doll houses or something similar. So, I’ve watched a few videos now. This youtuber has a time-lapsed video before this one that you can watch here and part 2 here, at this time part 3 hasn’t shown up. Here it goes 🙂

Well, I’ve watched parts 1 & 2 of the channel MyCardboardHouses Doll house with lights tutorial. I have to say it’s classic YouTube work. It helps to watch the videos of those who have met goals similar to yours and it seems he has done his research. There are only 3 videos available, he is subscribed to 2 channels (both comedians) and has over 7600 subscribers. He’s only had this specific channel since June 2016 and has over 2 million views, so this makes me thinks that he must be posting and removing them or he is just that popular and people feel he’s worth watching or both. I’ve got 2 youtube channels with some original content, just not as exciting, I guess. I’m still learning.

Parts 1 and 2 open up with a cute little stop animation video introducing “Bill” the builder and “Christy,” his helper. As a child narrates the intro, your attention is captured by the grand tour of the example house. I find this a good touch and can bring families to want to participate in this activity together. Then we go live.

Christy is a swan, a paper, origami swan, about 2 ft or so big. Bill and Christy banter regularly throughout the videos, even if she is not visually in the scene. I find this clever and creative, but probably would not want to have my kid watching, especially if they can read. Oh yeah, Christy speaks swan speak so her words are closed captioned/subtitled. She has a short vocabulary, mostly expletives of some sort. When we get to part 2, some may find her completely insulting. I’m not the party mentioned, so I will not try to express how they may or may not feel if they hear the conversation. Otherwise, Christy is just a prop.

The setting is more than likely in a business. If you look at the time-lapsed video you will see he’s in a restaurant. In the tutorials he’s in a very small space between a door an a window, like a mud room or foyer. I’d tried not to think of that, because it could make you feel cramped in as well. The example house is set up on a table with the cardboard for the working house on the right of it. I don’t know if he owns the business or if he just works there, but I’m hoping it’s one he owns.

His channel states he likes working in different forms of architecture, so I’m hoping he has other work somewhere I can see. He has a good grip on what’s needed and how to execute the design so I think it’s worth watching. The humor may be a little upsetting to some, and there was more time spent bantering than probably should have been, because there will be a part 3 and maybe 4. It’s a very detailed design, yet they keep the videos at a good length. So, I’ll subscribe and I’ll wait. Until then, I’ll check out some other design/craft videos.


Note: See my recent emotional experience with Instagram on my other blog here.



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