My Space

To sit and focus on a blank space takes a certain mindset. For that mindset to even begin to come about my physical body needs the right setting. What makes it right? Comfort, safety and timing.
It took a while for me to feel comfortable and motivated enough to write without prompting again. Either I had to feel angry or guilty to make it happen.
Lately, I’ve been unable to live, or participate, in life as I would really like to be. I’ve grown too tired to craft or sew. I started feeling compelled to write an actual story. With not regularly experiencing the world outside my home at the time, I’ve had to look at my surroundings, then look inside myself and back into my past. So, now I’ve been determined to work through my limited abilities and resources to try and focus.
I’m the kind where everything has to be perfect, in my head at least. So, this is really pushing me past my comfort zone.
I used to be able to write whenever and whereever I was inspired. I don’t quite know what the difference is. It’s possible it has to do with the bad decisions I’ve made with my writing. Maybe they weren’t bad decisions, just the receivers were not worthy. They fell to the floor.
I love to read, especially work from people I know and care about. Anything original appeals to me. This includes just about any form of creative expression. I loved to write, I have a lot of thoughts I could share and writing allows me a way to express them with less misunderstanding.
Now, I have difficulty focusing.