A click of her heels and a twirl of her dress, she walked into the room and immediately swayed into the door from shock. Round tables reflecting the bright fluorescent lights. Surrounded by peers. She sits down in her special seat. Strawberry Shortcake is the theme, it smells great.

A record player!!! Thanks! Album after album goes across the table. Strawberry Shortcake is in the mix. What if I do this? She commences to “scratch” the record like the dj’s on the radio. Oh, Purple Pieman, you are so funny. Well, that didn’t go too well. Probably should just put it away.

This is a great watch. Flip top of Strawberry Shortcakes head. Her own and digital. She can quickly tell time. Coolness, water doesn’t break it. Water is fun. This is fun. Down goes her wrist. It’s a small sink, but she’s still small enough to get the whole watch under water. Oh, no. Panic time. Frustration and fear. I’ll just keep the head flipped down. “What are you doing?” “What time is it?” Tears.

A mix of favorites, wonderful smells and catchy songs. Childhood.


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