I hope I don’t accidentally erase this note again. Hope is something I hold on to through all the changes going in my life. Hope is what I keep inside me to put a smile on my face and laughter in my speech. Hope is the 2013 “Man of Steel” movie It’s not an S it’s a symbol Hope is what i want others to hold onto in these troubling times Hope is what rainbows give Hope is not giving up on me when others do Hope is facing the truth Hope is being happy for others without jealousy nor envy Hope is knowing God Hope is trusting in God’s Will Hope is knowing God’s Grace Hope is finding God’s Mercy Hope is not putting others before myself to the point of self destruction Hope is building life without destroying it Hope is being up all night not knowing why Hope is that it will all make sense before my time is up Hope is baring yourself to people in order that someone else may not feel alone and have it too Hope is not giving up on the promises of God Hope is believing more in God and trusting that man is going to be imperfect Hope is not settling Hope is not giving up on others in their times of need, but doing what you can, even if it’s just praying or listening Hope is remembering to smile and say your hellos Hope is telling people you care even if they don’t Hope is waking up to see your mom’s face and not knowing what happened Hope is forgiving ignorance Hope is telling people what they need to hear even if it hurts, not harms Hope is a book, a show, a movie, a song Hope is leaving the past behind, embracing the future, living in the present Hope is watching those close to you pass and rejoicing in their lives and being determined to live your own life to it’s fullest Hope is accepting a critique and understanding a criticism Hope is being able to know the difference Hope is defining it while not being sure it’s really there