Things I wish – a short list

Wish me well; wish you well; wish for world peace; wish for inner peace; wish my family the best; wish your family the best; wish for financial stability; wish for those in authority to remember we are humans not objects; wish for better health; wish for everyones safety; wish for all to know and be loved; wish for more laughter; wish for more music; wish for more dancing; wish for more artistic expression; wish for better resources; wish for better education; wish for no homelessness for those that don’t desire it; wish for freedom for those that do; wish for no trafficking; wish for those that keep trafficking alive to have a respect for all humans life as equal to their own; wish all the bad memories would go away while leaving the lessons learned so we don’t repeat them; wish that cruel/crude/crass jokes did not exists; wish that there was no racism; wish for no unnecessary judgment; wish God was still talking directly to us; wish for more rainbows, with just the right amount of rain, if any; wish for some of my ingenious ideas to be considered and be given credit; wish for correct paths through life to be more clear; wish children would listen to their parents wisdom more; wish I had some pie tops; wish I could take care of my mom for once; wish I could do more; wish i spent less time at home and more time with friends/family; wish i wasn’t in my current state; wish I didn’t want to do everything; wish i didn’t want to do everything at once; wish I could write consistently;