She wore a beautiful, white dress with ruffles skirting her legs. Shiny, black patent leather Mary Janes held her still tiny feet that were covered in white, ruffled and cuffed ankle socks. Her eyes shined of silvery specks of eyeshadow, the costumes inspiration. It was Halloween and Cinderella was making an appearance.

The silver sparkles of the eyeshadow paste is what catches the eye. How pretty. Mom has lots of pretty make-up and fake eyelashes. How do you put those on? Hmmm, okay then.

It’s all in the bathroom, a favorite place to play. So small.

Brown paneling made to look like wood. Dark, dark brown and black, not favorites. White, cool, hard tub. Deep and fun. Same as the sink. Chrome trimmed mirrored door covers the dingy yellow insides of the medicine cabinet above.

Plastic, 2-door cabinets on the walls above the toilet, hold all the pretty make up and brushes and those funny looking eye curler things. The back of the toilet holds the radio.

You can stare at the floor for a long time. Interpreting the gold squiggly lines moving about the splotchy, cream colored tiles. Jesus showed up sometimes.

The door? Hmm? White on the inside, brown to the outside. A big crystal (acrylic) door knob.  Much like the one on the Jeffersons’ episode when Louise and George go back to the old neighborhood before it was demolished.

Like the floor, you can stare up at the ceiling and see what the random dot patterns become. Jesus showed up everywhere

Here you can forget. Play in the sink. Draw on the mirror with bar soap. Listen to Billy Joel and Elton John on the radio.


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